How to Become a Professional Business Intelligence Analyst?

The data collected by different businesses has become vast and complex. Due to the increase in online trading, there has been a massive increase in the data of the companies and businesses. Companies need to organize this data to analyze their work and performance, where business intelligence analyst is required. Business intelligence analyst helps companies by using this collected data for increasing the progress and efficiency of the company or business.


What is a business intelligence analyst, and what does he do?

Business intelligence analysts are responsible for collecting the data for the companies and making it useful for them. They use different ways and techniques to handle the data and analyze it to recommend new strategies for the company’s progress.

They guide other workers by holding seminars and other activities and train them about implementing new systems.

The analyst must invent new ways to collect and process data for the companies.  It is also responsible for hiring other staff related to the data collection work.

Guide to Becoming a Professional Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence AnalystGet your undergraduate degree

It would be best if you had an undergraduate degree in data science, computer science, business administration, information technologies, or other related subjects to pursue this career. This profession is all about data.

You need to understand the different aspects of data as much as possible by studying the subjects like data mining, visualization, database design, and so on. You also need good Excel skills.


Finalized your internship

Business intelligence analysts are supposed to have working experience. To get this experience, you need to complete your internship in a related job. Training in departments like finance, analyzing data will help you gain experience and develop good contact with the companies. It also allows you to advance your skill.


Get a professional business intelligence certification

You need to get professional certification to highlight your skills. Many professional certification options are available, including Microsoft Certificate Data Analyst Associate, CBIP certification computer language, and programming certifications…


Consider an advanced degree

Many business analysts also consider having a master’s in business intelligence or other master’s level degrees in related subjects or majors. It helps them with advanced knowledge and information and increases their working experience. Many companies prefer master-level analysts with good working experience as analysts.


Become a professional business intelligence analyst

After having the desired education and experience, it’s time to search for a suitable position in different companies. First, you need to prepare an attractive resume to apply for the job. Keep looking for the available positions in other companies.

Read the job description about the position you are interested in and then fulfill all the job requirements. You can also ask other employers about any free vacancy for a business intelligence analyst.


Job description of business intelligence analyst

  • Contact with the client and discuss their needs and concerns
  • Obtaining feedback from the companies and clients by conducting interviews.
  • Prepare summary report of company’s current position and progress
  • Develop new models and techniques to enhance and standardize the data collection for a company.

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