The Best Business Intelligence Software for 2021

Be it a small or a large business, you always have to sort the data going in and out of the office. This information holds no worth on its own. But when it is interpreted like it’s supposed to be, we get a beautiful culmination of patterns and trends.

Business Intelligence software are the go-to tools, which helps us to collect and transform data. This transformed package is then presented in such a way that it remains understandable for all. BI tools help us to make viable and calculated decisions about our business.

This is because they analyze our data and convey a meaningful presentation, which later helps us in making important decisions for the company.


Why is it Important?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pitching a new startup or running a huge multinational firm. You will always have to deal with unstructured data and nerdy statistics.

But how do you use them for your good? Simple. You use high-ranked Business Intelligence software. Not only will the software help you in analyzing your dealings, but will also prove viable in constructing a working strategy for your company. By the end of the year 2021, the Business Intelligence and Analytics industry is expected to rise to a huge value of $26.5 billion.

This list of the top Business Intelligence software for 2021 will keep you updated about all the trends prevailing in business intelligence software:


Top 11 Business Intelligence Software for 2021


1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics provides you a personalized user experience. You are free to create your own dashboards and data arranging techniques. Apart from the wide variety of visualization options, it also gives you an AI assistant, that helps you in the interpretation of data.

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2. Looker

The Looker’s ability to design and compare data with certain metrics makes it more attractive and engaging. Users can interpret their results more easily. It also specializes in warranting the key performance indicators and helps in strategizing for the future.

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3. Power BI

The Power BI software comes right under the platform of the Microsoft BI suite. As with the rest of the tools, Power BI connects with the business needs of the clients. This is often carried out by its ad-hoc analytics and reporting.

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4. Tableau

Tableau changes the way you think about data. Instead of keeping it old and boring, Tableau harnesses the power of data. This is done with its top-of-the-rank analytical programs, customizable dashboards, and actionable insights.

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SAP Business Intelligence is an integrated data visualization software. It is mostly used for its efficiency in reporting and data warehousing. It provides flexible and transparent business solutions, by analyzing the patterns of the data collected.

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6. Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics changes your concept of handling data. It saves you the trouble of migrating your data. And is a perfect software for anyone, who is already familiar with Excel. It aggregates your data and utilizes it for accessibility and allowance.

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7. Google Data Studio

You can’t make a list of the best Business Intelligence software for 2021, without Google in it. Continuing its legacy of excelling in data handling, Google Data Studio helps you to handle all forms of data, especially if you connect it with the other tools ran by Google.

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8. QlikView

With its engaging dashboards and beautiful reports, QlikView allows you to analyze the story behind the data. It is an effective business tool, handy for strategizing and implementing decisions. Its simple features make it easy to use and user-friendly.


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9. Pentaho

Pentaho is another Business Intelligence software, tasked to handle data and information. It includes simplified embedded analytics, that can be easily handled, even by newbies. It allows fast and efficient data analysis.


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10. Sisense

Whenever you’re in the middle of multiple data sets, you know you’re in for Sisense. Not only does Sisense gives you clean and distinct dashboards. But also qualifies for the best Business Intelligence software for 2021, due to its incredible benchmarking and business insights.


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11. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics stands out for its predictive analysis and strategic planning. It enterprises all your data in an aggregating manner. This BI software gives you access to multiple business tools and strategies at a single time.


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As discussed, Business Intelligence is an integral part of all sorts of businesses. Every company requires a past performance, on which it can build the foundations of its future decisions. However, this doesn’t end here.

Hopefully, BI software is here to stay for a long time. Depending on the analytics, this industry is only estimated to grow in the nearby future.

Its use and need will only strengthen, with the passing time. So, we can say that it has a safe future. And will continue to engulf more and more businesses in its domain.


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