What are Business Intelligence Tools – Which one is Best?

If you need to know about the Business Intelligence Tools, then you are in the right place. BI (Business intelligence) tools are programs that collect, process, analyze and visualize large amounts of data.

Tools take data from the past, present, and future to produce actionable business observations, create compelling reports, and make decision-making easier.

Data visualization, visual analytics, interactive dash-boarding, and KPI scorecards are just a few of the features available in these tools. They also give users the option of using self-service features like automated processes and predictive analytics.

For starters, data exploration, which was previously limited to advanced analytics specialists’ ability, is now something that anyone can perform using BI tools.

Not only that, but these technologies provide you with the information you need to accomplish tasks. The most important tasks include growth, resolving pressing issues, centralizing all of your data, estimating future results, and much more.

Importance of Business Intelligence tools

  • Making Better Decisions

Because raw data rarely provides valuable information, BI systems help transform unstructured corporate data into analyzable, actionable insights, allowing for better, more rapid decision-making.

  • Customer Insights in Depth

Consumer awareness is improved by BI since it helps a company to discover consumption patterns and anticipate market developments. As a result, a company with deep customer knowledge can quickly react to changing market demands and organize its strategy, production, and budget properly.

  • Boost your company’s efficiency and productivity

Corporate intelligence (BI) tools can be used to disseminate essential data across many business functions. In addition, it saves time by analyzing and reporting data in a more timely and effective manner. It speeds up the data-to-insight path while also freeing up valuable business expertise for other work.

Best Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools

There are lots of Popular Business Intelligence Tools available in the market and the most important are:

  • Datapine

Datapine is an all-in-one business intelligence platform that makes even non-technical individuals comfortable with the difficult process of data analytics.

Data analysts and business users may quickly combine different data sources, execute complex data analysis, develop interactive business dashboards, and generate actionable business insights with datapine’s solution, thanks to a full self-service analytics strategy.

  • SAS Business Intelligence

While SAS is most known for its superior predictive analytics, it also has a strong business intelligence platform. This well-established self-service platform, which dates back to the 1970s, helps users to make educated business decisions by leveraging data and metrics.

SAS provides users with a variety of customization choices through their APIs, and SAS ensures high-level data integration and powerful analytics and reporting.

They also have a fantastic text analytics option that provides you with extra contextual information about your data.

  • MicroStrategy is a third option

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence platform for enterprises that provides strong (and fast) dash-boarding and data analytics, as well as cloud solutions and hyper-intelligence.

Users can use this solution to spot patterns, spot new opportunities, boost productivity, and more. Users can connect to one or more sources. Whether the data is coming from a spreadsheet, the cloud, or enterprise data tools.

It can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device. Setup, on the other hand, can necessitate the participation of several parties and a thorough understanding of the application to get started.


There is a multitude of materials available to inform and empower customers about business intelligence. There are many different sorts of BI tools to investigate and play.

The options will grow more broad and powerful as the user community becomes more knowledgeable. BI is a flexible and effective tool that can be applied to practically any industry.

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