What is Tableau Software: How to Use it & Where it Stands?

Technically speaking, Tableau is one of the most powerful Business Intelligence and data visualization software in the market. It is positioned to present data conveniently.

The blend of colors, labels, and sub-tools makes the analysis interesting, even for a complete outsider. Hence, this tool is crucial in business endeavors. Especially, when deciding the company’s strategies and policies.

Today’s market is flooded with data. Some of it may be relevant. The other; irrelevant. Now, to separate the two categories and shape the data, we need something like Tableau Software.

Tableau is an easy-to-learn software that connects its customers more intuitively. It helps you to present your raw data without culminating in any technical skills.


Tableau Software Products

There may be many data visualization software in the market. But Tableau software has a little edge on them. Tableau comes with multiple products tasked with different objectives. Let us delve into an overview of these products:

1) Tableau Desktop:

This Tableau software product is made for individual use. It is easy to use and allows you to import your data into its server without any inconvenience. With Tableau Desktop, you can efficiently transform your tabulated data into lustrous graphs and presentations. It comes with a 14-day free trial period.

2) Tableau Server

Tableau Server is all desktop, but more. Aside from the basic functions, it also allows you to connect with multiple dashboards on your network. It is a dynamic tool that is extremely useful when you’re working on a corporate-level project. It also comes with a 14-day free trial period.

3) Tableau Software Online

Tableau is a cloud-based program that allows you to keep your work safe and shareable. It comes with less risk and more options with its comparatively fast interface.

4) Tableau Public

As the name suggests, this is public database software that allows you to work on your data. It is completely free. The downside is that it saves your work on the public interface, thereby keeping it open.

5) Tableau Reader

Tableau Reader is a free product that only allows you to read and view files created in Tableau. It does not offer you any tools.


Tableau Program

Data Visualisation

Where Does it Stand?

We know that Tableau software blends your data and collaborates it into the real-time analysis. But where does it rank among the other options? There might be many data visualization software in the market, the notables of which include Excel and Qlikview.

At the top of the surface, you may see Tableau as the rest of the data orienting software. But when you meet its depth, you see that Tableau software can handle and present data without converting it into tabular form.

That is, it saves your time and acts directly on the data available. Its data drilling tools open a whole new world of insights into your data. You can freely explore the formulas and their results, without having to restrict the domain of your data.

Tableau ranks as one of the most top=notch data visualization and BI software. It steers free of programming, thereby making it the ideal choice for business executives and grad students.


How Does it Work?

Tableau allows to pull data from any external source. It complies with multiple databases to efficiently extract what you require. The software is then launched to create a visual representation of the extracted data. This happens with the various tools available in the Tableau dashboard.

The software supports various automated corporate, business, and distribution models. The developer tools allow you to handle all sorts of reports and charts, in addition to their layout templates.

Once you’re done with the work, you can export it and access the files on your mobile or desktop using Tableau Reader.


Is Tableau Worth Learning for You?

By now, we’ve understood that Tableau software allows us to explore and compare our findings in a far more creative manner than any of its competitors. But is it only limited to corporate businesses? Certainly not.

With its query translations and hypothetical comparisons, Tableau comes out to be essential no matter if you’re a student, teacher, data scientist, business user, or executive.

Its vast deployment covers data modeling, business workflow, IT, and architectural planning. You’ll be familiar with its set-up and configuration in no time.



With its extensive options and efficient interface, Tableau software has become one of the many tools necessary for business today. It is designed to help you in managing large-size metadata and assembling it to form conclusions.

Its user-friendly approach and in-depth analytics can drill any sort of data provided.

This is the reason that it is now one of the largest growing Business Intelligence software in the market. And will continue the climb with its seamless data connectivity and intuitive features.

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